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Exploration in Southern Siberia, 9th-28th August 2012

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Mystery on Irbistu

24th February 2013, by George

The summit of Irbistu lies at 3967m, and despite Igor's claims that it presented a good opportunity for a first ascent in the Altai, it has in fact been summitted many times before.

Here is a picture of Eleri from the top:

Eleri and Greg's ascent on 17th August saw them encounter an (empty) bottle of champagne, and this mysterious plaque on the top. After a recent lecture in Bristol a friend of mine, Alina Lyuleeva, got in touch to tell me the mystery had been solved!

To be fair to her, speaking Russian gave her a decided advantage. The bottom line simply means "70 years", whilst the top is the logo and name of the Helicopter Factory of Novosibirsk.

More information on them can be found here, thanks to Alina for solving this one small mystery!