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Exploration in Southern Siberia, 9th-28th August 2012

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Alpkit Zhota Tent Review

27th October 2012, by Clay

This is the 3-4 man Alpkit Zhota tent:

I already owned a large selection of Alpkit gear and so I knew they offered kit that was well designed and built, for less than you'd expect to pay anywhere else. With this in mind, the new range of Alpkit tents caught my eye when we decided to take a larger tent with us.

We spoke to the guys at Alpkit and they kindly lent us a Zhota tent for our trip. The tent is relatively easy to pitch (which was handy given we hadn't had chance to try it out before we left) although inner first is always a bit of a pain if it's raining, as it was when we reached basecamp.

The tent is spacious inside, helped by the steep sides. This means you can happily sit up even right near the edge of the tent, a big bonus when using it as a communal basecamp tent. There are pockets and hooks everywhere, literally.

As for more extreme weather testing - we had no really violent winds or heavy snow in camp. Although the one time it was fairly windy this tent was sturdy and seemed fine whilst one of our smaller tents was flexing a fair bit in the wind.

Overall - for an expedition of our size and scale, we'd definitely recommend it as an excellent bascamp tent. We also enjoyed the humorous safety message. Thanks once more to Alpkit for their generosity!